Who we are

Assessing Parenting Capacity is not about making decisions based on values, judgements or ‘gut instincts’, but rather about gathering clear and factual information weighed against the child’s specific needs.

With this in mind Pauline Bennett and Sylvia McCollin founded Project West in 2005.

With considerable experience as Children’s Guardians; Independent Social Workers as well as knowledgeable and skilled within the Court arena; our multi-skilled team works flexibly in response to the needs of individual clients. We are aware of the importance of family life and ensure the protection and safety of children and young people by providing a forum where parents and children/young people can be together in a safe caring environment with a staff team who promote good parenting skills.

Statement of Purpose

Children are our paramount concern and we aim to support the emotional, psychological, intellectual and social development of children and young people by adopting a child-centred perspective throughout. Project West provides a service that aims to empower families to make changes that enable children to be safe and to realise their potential. The centre provides an environment where families are valued and treated with respect as individuals.

Our Vision

To become the Child Contact Centre and Assessment services provider of choice and renowned for our high-quality services and facilities.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver the best service to support parents and children to re-build relationships in a safe and caring environment.


Project West places emphasis on ensuring that all service users are valued and nurtured, taking into account their culture, language, ethnicity, gender, disability, religion, age and sexual orientation. Our premises are accessible to wheel chair users.

Project West provides an environment where families are valued and treated with respect. We operate within an equal opportunities policy and all of our staff are committed to the delivery of this policy. We work with families from a wide variety of backgrounds with different languages, lifestyles and beliefs.

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